Friday, February 28, 2014

Darker Days

In Justice

Whatever happened to
innocent until proven guilty?
I may be dark but I'm not dangerous
I may be a man,
but that doesn't make me a rapist.
If I smile at her
and tell she's pretty
that's a compliment, not harassment.
I'm not monster just cause I'm quiet,
just cause I'm considerate
doesn't make me a menace.
Who knew, 
shit could get so skewed,
perspectives could come so unglued
people see demons around every corner.
I've got news for you,
I'm no angel, but I'm human too,
I'd still go out of my way to help you
if you needed a Samaritan
even as hateful as you are,
and if I could give you one gift,
I'd give you the ability 
to see the monster in the mirror,
let me say it clearer,
this isn't a rumor, Miss Monger,
the monsters are people like you.


I'm tired of being bright,
it's so hard to be a star,
when you can barely see my dying light
by the time I hit your narrow-sighted eyes
I may be gone,
I'll be gone. 

I'm so sick of shining,
sick of hoping, holding my head high,
I'm tired of trying to keep
this piece of shit planet alive.

Are you ready for my supernova?
When you burn in my fire
the universe won't weep
it won't even know we're gone.

Are you ready for my collapse,
It's not just you, I'm taking it all with me,
I'm gonna be a black hole,
I'm gonna be a force 
maybe the destruction of the universe.
I'm gonna be a black hole
The gravity you can't deny.

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