Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Make Me

Don't just make me your poet,
I don't want to settle 
for being something as mediocre
as a writer of couplets
even if they're iambic. 
Make my poem
a part of your poetry,
so thoroughly entwined 
in your experience of the poetic
that I am Pablo Neruda
when you read of love,
I am John Donne
when you read of angels, 
I am Shakespeare
when you read his immortal verse.

Don't just make me your heart,
make me romance,
the rose on your pillow,
the taste of a Malbec 
and its color staining your lips.
Make me your dances,
every partner a partner at a masquerade
wearing the illusion of my face.
Make me the percussion you move to,
the melody you sing
and when I am part of everything,
every verse of every poem,
every Valentine's, every wine,
and every single song,

you'll have made me yours.

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