Monday, July 1, 2013

Beauty Is

Beauty is
as beauty does,
so much more than just the hours 
spent tête à tête before the mirror
making up and curling hair
all the while wondering 
who might be the fairest of the fair.

Beauty is
as beauty does,
a kind smile flashed to a stranger,
the tintinnabultation of her laughter, 
the soft kiss on the bruised knee of a child
who looks at her forever after
like she's the beginning and end of miracles.

Beauty is
as beauty does,
the heart and the hope
she offers up time and again,
waiting for a love who sees
her skin is made of glass
and it is not only her feet that dance.

Beauty is
as beauty does,
as beauty does unto others,
as beauty does unto itself.
What beauty does unto the world
defines beauty, 
breaks the mold.