Friday, February 14, 2014

A White Valentine

The world is ready
for her Valentine tonight.
She's chosen to go with purity,
the little white dress
instead of the black.
But not for a second
should we forget this snowy wrap
is just a facet of her beauty.
Magma still runs hot in her veins,
tectonic plates shift beneath the surface
she still fosters life 
and cradles us in her arms
from the beginning to the end.
No matter how her cloth
brings to mind the image of a bride
A dress is still just something worn,
adornment for the woman within.
She is still Goddess of the Earth,
naked under the twirling hem
as she dances with the sun and moon
across the starry sky.
She is still
thousands upon thousands
of first kisses, first loves, 
broken hearts, decades of marriage,
still the first love, her first time, the first night.
She is mother and lover, daughter,
wife and the lonely romantic,
still waiting for her knight.
The world has pulled a sparkling shawl of snow
over her shoulders,
dressed to the nine's in white
she is ready for tonight.

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