Monday, November 23, 2015



    I am not a hunter. I will not chase you. I will not trap you, nor try to break you.
    I am a lover. My door is always open, my way is invitation. Imagine it a letter, handwritten, cursive. Signed, Sincerely Yours.
    If you find me less than irresistible, I can wait for the one who doesn’t. I will not coax, nor coerce. I might court you, if you let me, but that’s not a patience we seem to have these days.
    If you say no, or nothing at all, you will find I will not try your patience. I would rather walk alone into 18,000 sunsets, celibate, than pressure a woman until she gives in, until Stockholm Syndrome wins.
    When you are ready to give, I will give in kind. With your “Fuck Yes” paired to mine, my poetry, songs, strong hands, wild imagination, my clever mind are yours. I will wrap myself so deeply where I am welcome that you will be forever changed. As I am by you. I will show you the results of every lesson I have learned from Love and we will learn thousands more together.
   But if none of that is there, I don’t mind if your way is not parallel to mine. There are many roads less traveled by and I have known too many travelers worth the wait to trespass where I am not wanted.
   I am not a hunter. I want a partner, not prey. I am a lover. If I am not your pleasure, so be it. There will be someone else to please, and the invitation is open if you change your mind. But I will not seek to go where there is no, “Yes!”
I call this, “Respect.”
Sincerely Yours,


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