Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Step by Step Down the Road Less Traveled By

Indeed, I have not given up, mes amis! I have simply spent the last few days writing creative copy for women’s clothing. While not exactly the same as writing for myself, at least I have still been writing. I wrote a post, or most of one, but decided it had too many critiques of corporate practices to actually post.

Speaking of corporate practices, I have interviews for my new position on Friday. My interviews are with the manager whose response to my expression of interest a month ago was, “Can you start tomorrow?”; with the two web copywriters, one who runs the theatre company that has produced the last two plays I have been in as well as the one I am in now while the other runs the website and facebook for the same; and finally, a Japanese woman in our web department whose position I am uncertain of. I saw her today and she asked me, “Do I have an interview with you on Friday?” I responded, “Yes.” “What for?” “I applied for one of the web copywriter’s positions.” “Oh.” “We’ll just hang out for half an hour.” “Ok, we can go down to the café.”

While I am still going to dress to the occasion, (one rule here, don’t wear a suit to your interviews), I am totally unconcerned about the results. Even if the unlikely worst case scenario happens, life goes on. As things stand, however, I don’t know how it could go wrong. I am already doing the work, to “help out” and “for training”. Not to mention I will have completed an assignment I had a month to do in a week. I am actually goofing off as much as I can convince myself too; the work is getting done too fast and I don’t want to be left back where I started, reading books to make the day go by.

It turns out, as much as I am not a fan of the world of currency, I could really use the improvement in salary. Considering my lifestyle, it would make a big difference. Currently I spend about one paycheck a month on student loans, pay rent and bills. Somehow I still manage to live fairly comfortably on what’s left over. To be fair, I make a little extra on the side teaching dance classes, but this month that’s only been $6-$12 once a week plus $40 a month for private lessons. Over the winter it was more like $24 once a week. Worth it either way. I don’t do it for the money, but I do appreciate the little boost it gives to the rougher financial moments.

Once I am out of debt, I am going to fairly sail through life. Literally and figuratively, though I don’t intend to wait until I am debt free to buy my sailboat. Once I find a reasonably priced Hobie 16’ and I can afford one, I am buying it. Then I am going to strap a tent, cooler, backpack and someday a girlfriend to the tarp and disappear on the weekends. When that becomes reality instead of just a dream, I will probably pick up a waterproof backpack, too. It is only practical, after all. Alright, alright, I won’t actually strap a woman to the tarp. I will find someone I can coerce into getting on the boat willingly. ;)

A Hobie 16’, if you are one of the many people who don’t know sailboats, is a 16 foot catamaran. The hull consists of two pontoons and the sailors sit on a tarp, much like that of a trampoline, stretch across a metal frame. A Hobie cat has both a jib, the smaller sail in front, and a main sail. In my experience with them, they sail easily even in a light breeze. One of the downsides of a Hobie is that in a strong wind you might have to hike out over the water to keep the boat from tipping over. This is why I am strapping things to the boat. Just in case.

In the meantime, my life mostly consists of keeping myself fed and read. Acting, it turns out, is an extremely cheap and time consuming hobby, as is playing guitar and writing songs. I haven’t spent any serious time playing video games since I beat Mass Effect 3. Between acting, writing, swimming, playing Dungeons and Dragons and everything else I have been doing, I haven’t had much interest in spending time with them. I’m sure something new will come out and suck me in, but I can’t think of anything right now. Which reminds me, I need to cancel my Star Wars: Old Republic account. That is $15 a month I don’t need to be spending.

Life. The simpler, the better. Credit cards? Don’t need or want them. Huge television and fancy speakers? Don’t need or want them. Smart phones? Don’t need or want one until it can replace my unlimited cable internet completely. Coffee, wine, beer, books, friends, dancing? Any time.

I wouldn’t say no to a little more intimacy in my life. In the meantime, life is pretty good. It is only going to get better.

And a thousand-ish words, goodnight.


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