Thursday, February 28, 2013

All I Did Today Was Write Poetry

 It's a fact. Two short poems, a lyric/poem, and some tidbits. Last to first, in that order. 

Beautiful Mind

You have a beautiful mind,
elegant as the first step of a tall heel on a carpeted stair
when the silken hem of an evening gown
ripples around your ankles.
Beautiful, the way a Varga pin-up is,
svelte and feminine,
lady and vixen.

And I,
I want to strip off your logic,
as the saying goes,
and make passionate sense to you
until any facet of the world
that isn't shared between you and me
makes no sense at all.
I want to dive deep in your sensibilities,
until our minds meet and melding our minds
is the only sensible thing,
until we're breathless, senseless, and serene.


I think I know this indecision
this bench seems so familiar
and these dusty roads with their faded signs
are starting to look like a place I've been before

It could be a case of deja vu
but it seems to me I was here with you
once upon a time
and just because the pages took a wrong turn then
doesn't mean our story's over

My bags are packed and I'm ready for adventure
but I've got nowhere to go, nothing to do,
but sit and wait at these crossing roads
for the clouds to clear, the moon to rise
and a star to plot my course by


I long for the days
when you were mine and I never knew
if only because you were forever in my arms
for countless hours I always treasured
but never suspected that you might feel the same.
If I were offered those endless evenings once again,
the chance to wear the signs of our passing
into the hardwood of a thousand dance floors,
I'd take them in a heartbeat.
I'd run to them with all that I now know
and never, ever, let them go.
Copyright 2013 and all that jazz.

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