Monday, November 18, 2013

After the Fall

After the Fall

The evergreens, brave sailors all,
ride full sail into the first snow,
beams bent from proud masts
as they weather the season's storms,
charted on an immutable course toward spring. 

The deciduous, already winter-moored,
make of the forest a quiet harbor
where boats rock gently in the breeze.
These are the ships of summer,
all signs of life tucked away
beneath the blizzard's taut tarp
while icicles form stalactites on twiggy spars
and grasp their bony frames.

The earth below, now a sea of frozen waves,
drifting frost-jewels flooded across a new-hushed world.
Cozy, it turns and dreams 
beneath its blanket lily-white
waiting still for ever colder nights
when she, the world, 
and her snowy forest fleet
will glimmer in the moonlight.

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