Monday, September 16, 2013

For. . .

This is for the beautiful in my life.
Not you, per se, whose footsteps have worn trails
with all your comings and goings,
all your wanderings
in and out and around my heart.
Nor you, exactly, the one lost
in the fog of time
with the voice that occasionally echoes
a distant, far off Polo
when I cry Marco because sometimes
I just want to reach out and touch you,
just for a passing thought.
It is for you.
You, and you.
But for so many more now too
with their stunning smiles
and bright sparks
and cascading laughter
like water lapping merrily on the shore.
This is for you,
because I am quiet. Shy.
Because honest kindness
drives more people from our lives
than sharp tongues and sly wit
and I learned to fear.
This is for you,
because you are beautiful
and you should know.

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