Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I'm just searching
for someone to call home
I'll go anywhere
look for her high, look for her low
sit on a beach shaping castles in the sand
hoping the tide brings her to me
to sit beside me on my sandy throne

It won't take bricks to build our life
won't take a hundred years of quarried stone
to create a cathedral from this clay
this temple of mine was born with its arches
its altar softly beating for her
and all I need for stained glass
is the deep blue of my eyes

I'm just wandering
til I find someone to call home
I'll go anywhere
dive into oceans, climb mountains
chase stars off beyond the horizon
through thick forests lit only by lanterns
to curl up by her fire, finally warm

It won't take gold to make us rich
won't take the gems of a dragon's hoard
to give us wings on which to fly
over the width and breadth of worlds
When the time comes to weigh our souls
against that old Egyptian feather, we'll be buoyant
for we will have measured our wealth in joy

I'm just passing time
til I find someone to call home
I’ll go anywhere
drive down long highways, sail the wild seas
stroll down all the roads less travelled by
until I happen on heroine headed the same way
with a little room left in her story

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