Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Couple Songs - M0RG4N


I've been putting my life together
one piece at a time
seein' how they fit
in my reason and my rhyme
but they didn't quite make sense

It seems the picture's changing
from the one I've had til now
the more pieces I put in place
the more clear it is somehow
my life's been missing you
I've been missing you

This puzzle's a little closer
to being done
I've started on the corner
where you're the one
the picture's a little closer
to being complete
the road's been long and hard
but I'm glad I had you here with me

Watched you go again
watched you head off to the plane
but there's a quiet voice that tells me
you'll be coming back again
I'll be countin' the days

There's a few knots to unravel
quite a few loose ends
but no puzzle worth completing
was ever easy to begin
Mine won't be right without you
my heart's been missing you

The Man I Want to Be

If your world tilted on its axis
don’t think I wouldn’t fight for you
I’ve watched you go too many times
to make those mistakes again
The action may be subtle, but that’s my way
and I’ve got my gloves on now
I may lose a round, but I’ll lose it well
and I’ll stay the fight by being
the man you make me want to be

Even if the future holds
nothing but a K.O.
you’ll always have me in your corner
when it’s your turn in the ring
I’ll be there to support you
and you’ll never owe me anything
it’s worth it all to be inspired
to be the man you make me want to be

When you need I’ll be your Atlas
when you don’t, your Hercules
say you’ll be my Scheherazade
say you’ll be my Penelope.
I’ll take whatever hits that life can give
keep my guard up like Ali
if I get knocked down I’ll get back up
and go right back to being
the man you make me want to be

Maybe I’ll get stuck against the ropes,
maybe I’ll end up black and blue,
maybe no matter how hard I fight
I’ll never be the one to fight beside you
but I’ll go on, I’ll always have your memory
to remind me that I can be
the man you make me want to be

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